Version 5 (last updated June 2019)


The Society shall be known as the Welsh Acute Physicians’ Society (WAPS).

Society Aims

The purpose of the Society will be to enhance the image of the medical specialty of Acute Medicine within Wales, and to support trainees wishing to pursue a career in this specialty. These aims will be achieved by the following:

  1. Promoting the education of Acute Medicine trainees within Wales through the organisation of independent meetings
  2. Supporting, both logistically and financially, the annual Wales Acute Medicine Registrar residential training week.
  3. Awarding the “Training Week Prize” to an Acute Medicine Trainee, promoting ongoing learning and use of evidence-based medicine.
  4. Awarding the annual “Specialist Skill Bursary” (Financial support for trainees in the pursuit of their chosen special skill during Higher Specialty Training; supported by Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW))
  5. Provision of a support network across Wales, with links to other National groups and collaborations, for junior doctors wishing to pursue a career in Acute Medicine.
  6. Promoting public understanding and awareness of Acute Medicine as a medical subspecialty.


All junior doctors entering a Higher Specialty Training Scheme in Acute Medicine within Wales will become automatic members upon commencing the training programme. There is currently no membership fee for these individuals.

Council and Election

The business of the Society shall be controlled and managed by Council consisting of:

  1. Chair
  2. Treasurer
  3. Secretary
  4. Society of Acute Medicine (SAM) Wales Representative (co-opted)
  5. Speciality Training Committee (STC) Representative (co-opted)
  6. STC Trainee Representative (co-opted)

The Council terms of office shall be held routinely for three years, except for the initial one year term covering the 2018-9 period. This initial one- year tenure of Council positions can be extended to cover the standard three-year tenure. Re-election is not restricted. These roles may be reallocated at any Annual General Meeting (AGM), should a Council member wish to step down before the end of their term.

Any ordinary member of WAPS may, upon email request to the Council attend Council meetings to observe the workings of the Council. They may not, however, vote, nor should they contribute to or disrupt the meeting.

All Council members shall have full administrative privileges on social media. Social media privileges may also be granted to other members as required for the day-to-day administration of the website. The Chair, Treasurer and Secretary shall have full administrative privileges of the email account and of the financial running of the Society.

If a Council member becomes Training Programme Director or STC Chair or SAM Wales Representative they shall stand down from their WAPS Council position. An EGM will be called to confirm a replacement for their position.


The Society shall meet once annually and this meeting must contain the AGM. The agenda for the AGM shall be set by the Council, but any member is entitled to place an item on the agenda for discussion, provided 14 days notice is given to the Council via email. Five members are required for the AGM to be quorate. Minutes from AGMs should be made available for public viewing.

The Chair shall preside over the AGM and, when relevant, the incoming Chair shall assume the responsibilities of office once the AGM is completed.

Documentation and meetings will be in the English language. Welsh language translations will be available as required by any Welsh Language legislation.

Communication within WAPS and between the members and Council will usually be made in writing. The preferred method of communication will be via electronic mail. The Chair, Treasurer and Secretary have access to, and should communicate with Society members using the email address . Email correspondence should be retained within the email account for a period no shorter than five years. These emails form part of the record of business of the Council and Society. Social media (including the Society’s Facebook and Twitter accounts) should also be used to disseminate information to Society members and the general public.


Any member may request that a motion is discussed at the AGM by writing to the Chair no less than 14 days before the AGM. The Chair may choose to allocate time within the AGM to discuss such a motion by acting as a seconder to the proposer and allocating a place on the AGM agenda. The Chair may decline to second any such motion and request that the proposer seeks a seconder. The seconder must be identified and confirmed by the Chair no less than seven days before the AGM.

Motions without notice

No motion or amendment to a motion will be considered by the Society unless moved by a member and seconded by another member.

Withdrawal of motions or amendments

A motion of amendment, once moved and seconded, may be withdrawn by the proposer with the concurrence of the seconder and the consent of the Chair.

Motion to rescind a resolution

Notice of motion to rescind any resolution which has been passed within the preceding three calendar months shall be from the Chair, or bear the signature of the member who gives it. When any such motion has been debated by the Council or AGM it shall not be permissive for any member other than the Chair to propose a motion to the same effect within the further period of three calendar months.

Council meetings

Council of the Society will usually meet twice per year, but the frequency may be varied by the Council as required. For a Council meeting to be quorate, the Trainee Representative must be present (or suitable nominated deputy) with a minimum of two elected Council members. Council meeting minutes can be requested by any WAPS member. 

Extra-ordinary Meeting of the Society

Any member of Council may call an extra-ordinary meeting at seven days’ notice.


All society members may vote. All issues will be decided by a simple majority. In the event of a tie the person presiding will decide the issue by means of a second (casting) vote. Voting will be by a show of hands. Under no circumstances may an absent member vote by proxy.

Chair’s Ruling

The decision of the Chair of the meeting on question of procedure, order, relevancy and regularity shall be final.


The Secretary (or in his/her absence another Council member) shall keep a record of the proceedings of all meetings. These “minutes” shall be drawn up and circulated before the next meeting. The minutes shall be signed as a true record at the next meeting by the person presiding.


The Society will require funds to continue its activities. These funds will be administered by the Treasurer, who will establish and maintain the bank account. Any such bank account will be in the name of the “Welsh Acute Physicians’ Society”. The Society will run on a “not-for-profit” basis, ensuring significant profits made are used to the benefit of its’ members.

Council email etiquette

Email communications between council members should not be forwarded, copied or otherwise distributed to individuals outside Council without the consent of one or more Council officers. Email correspondence must be made available to WAPS members who wish to review them, upon reasonable request.

Constitution Amendments

The constitution will be reviewed regularly and a revised version released every three years. Any interim suggestions should be raised at an AGM or EGM.